First Name: Alex
Last Name: Ireland
Member Since: May 2019
City: Manchester
Institution: Manchester Metropolitan University 


I am a Senior Lecturer in Physiology within the Musculoskeletal Science and Sports Medicine Research Centre at Manchester Metropolitan University.

Following undergraduate study at the University of Durham, I completed an MSc in 2010 and a PhD by publication in 2015 at Manchester Metropolitan University under the supervision of Prof Jörn Rittweger. My MSc and PhD projects focused on bone mechanoadaptation and the influence of muscular action on bone.

I joined Manchester Met as a Research Technician in 2009. I then moved to a Research Associate post in 2013, leading a project examining the contribution of motor unit loss and remodeling to muscle atrophy and weakness in older age.

I was appointed Lecturer in Physiology at Manchester Met in 2016. My research focuses on work with human participants, examining the effects of mechanical loading on bones and joints across lifespan, from prenatal movements to exercise in old age. In addition, neuromuscular health and function in healthy and clinical populations of different ages. This involves different imaging modalities including MRI, DXA, QCT and ultrasound, and functional assessments such as accelerometry, electromyography, dynamometry and motion capture.

List of 5 Best Publications


- Areas Of Expertise: biomechanics, Bone Strength, Computer Tomography, DXA, Imaging, Muscle, Physical Activity, and Physiology
- Best technical skill: Quantitative computed tomography
- Best knowledge: Bone mechanoadaptation
- Hated technique: Anything wet lab-related
- Research goal: To understand how physical activity shapes bones and joints across life, and develop related interventions to promote lifelong skeletal health
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- Favorite dish: Duck confit
- Favorite place to live: My home town of Sale
- Best sport skill: Football (left foot)
- Worst performance: Football (right foot)
- Free time activity: Anything with family or football
- Favorite quote: Sometimes science is more art than science, Morty. A lot of people don’t get that – Dr Rick Sanchez