Are you a New Investigator working in the musculoskeletal field and you are looking to gain career advice, support and guidance by an experienced professional?

Learn more about the ECTS Academy Mentor Scheme and apply today.

The ECTS Academy offers different formats of mentoring for New Investigators, including undergraduates, PhD students and early stage post-docs.

Mentoring Session @ ECTS Conference

The Mentoring Session is an integral part of the annual ECTS conference. This is an interactive session giving the New Investigators an opportunity to discuss various topics with the leaders in the field: Interactive, round table discussion (3×20 min).

Mentoring Chat

If you couldn’t attend the conference or if you seek for more discussion and advice check out our Mentoring Chat. Informal discussions of specific topics with members of the ECTS Academy are organized three times a year as videoconferences. Please find below more information on the topic and registration procedure for the next event. This is also a great opportunity to meet potential mentors for the participation in the Mentoring Scheme.

Next Event


Research mobility

Fancy going abroad for your research? Thinking when and where to go, and what is the best timing for your career? Then join the upcoming ECTS Academy Mentoring Chat on “Research Mobility” and discuss your ideas and dreams with experienced scientists/clinicians!


In modern research careers of basic and clinical scientists, it is quite common to spend some time in other labs, institutes or hospitals abroad. Such research stays/fellowships are very enriching and beneficial for your personal growth. Moreover, they are highly appreciated by universities and funding agencies.

However, there are often many dilemmas regarding research mobility, from those related to the choice of the optimal timing, location and financial support to embark on the journey, to others related to personal and technical aspects of research visits such as finding accommodation, language and cultural differences, separation from your partner and family, loneliness, etc.

This mentoring chat gives you the chance to discuss your personal thoughts, hopes and fears about research mobility with experienced (but still young) scientists who will share some of their personal experiences of research stays abroad.

The meeting takes place in a cosy and informal atmosphere on Zoom.


Petar Milovanovic (University of Belgrade, Serbia)
Konstantin Horas (University of Wuerzburg, Germany)

Time & Date: 22nd of April 2021, 6 PM (CET)
Registration: For registration click here. Login details will be provided upon registration.
Questions: We invite you to ask any questions that you already have on your mind before the meeting so that we can try to give due attention to the aspects you are most interested in.

Mentoring Scheme

The Mentor Scheme is a unique opportunity for ECTS New Investigator members to be matched with an experienced professional to gain career advice, support and guidance. This scheme is a development technique based on the use of one-to-one meetings to enhance an individual’s skills, knowledge and performance. Content of the meetings remain strictly confidential between mentee and mentor.

Aims & Objectives

  • To support learning and development of Mentees in a non-directive manner
  • To encourage networking between New Investigators and advanced post-docs and young PIs as well as established professionals in the field
  • To develop personal and professional competencies

Duration of Mentor-Mentee matching

  • Mentoring term will be for two years
  • Mentoring scheme: quarterly skype meetings and one face-to-face meeting per year is recommended

Who can apply to become a Mentee?

  • New Investigators motivated to improve their career development and skills
  • New Investigators are defined as PhDs/post-docs <3 years after completing their PhD/MD/DMD or equivalent
  • New Investigators who are open to new ideas and feedback
  • Must be an ECTS member
  • Will be expected to take the lead in the communication, contacting their mentor at regular intervals and arranging meetings (e.g. at the ECTS annual congress)

Who are the Mentors?

  • Experienced professionals volunteer at various stages of their career (>3 years post-doc)
  • From a wide range of sectors and professions, both clinical and non-clinical, industry, press, etc.

Mentee Application Process

  • Select 3 Mentors from the ECTS Academy Mentors List (you may want to take the chance to attend a Mentoring Chat to get to known to our mentors)
  • Complete and Submit the online ECTS Academy Mentor Scheme Application along with your CV
  • Applications are open throughout the year

If you have any questions regarding our program do not hesitate to get in touch with us.