Burden Andrea
Academic Title: Assistant Professor
First Name: Burden
Last Name: Andrea
Academic Degree: PhD
Member Since: 2016 (Founding member)
City: Zurich
Institution: ETH


Andrea Burden obtained her Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology and a Master of Arts in Criminology at the University of Toronto.

Following her Master’s program Andrea enrolled in a Master of Science in the faculty of pharmaceutical sciences at the University of Toronto, with focus in pharmacoepidemiology (drug safety and effectiveness). Following 18-months in the MSc program, she transferred to the PhD stream where her research focus was on osteoporosis medication adherence.

In 2014, she received prestigious CIHR fellowship (2015-2017) to conduct her postdoctoral research in the Netherlands, where her focus is on diabetes and bone health and rheumatoid arthritis.

Andrea has experience analysing some of the world’s most prestigious healthcare databases from Canada, the UK, Denmark and the Netherlands. And is now working towards a multi-country analysis of patient registry data.

Moving forward, Andrea’s research interests lie in the investigation of the role of inflammation in the treatment of metabolic (diabetes and obesity) and musculoskeletal (osteoporosis and rheumatoid arthritis) diseases.

One of the overarching aims of Andrea’s research line is examine the safety and effectiveness of medications in patient populations that often not included in clinical trials or are difficult to assess in large observational data.

List of 5 Best Publications


- Year Of Promotion: 2018
- Areas Of Expertise: Ageing and Epidemiology
- Favorite statistical software: SAS
- Favorite research database: CPRD
- Favorite technique: Survival Analysis
- Best technical skill: Building SAS macros
- Best knowledge: Drug safety and effectiveness research
- Hated technique: Debugging SAS programs
- Research goal: Improving treatment success (and harm minimization) in patient populations underrepresented in clinical trials.
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- Favorite dish: Cousa Mashi (Arabic dish), or almost all pasta
- Favorite place to live: Toronto
- Best sport skill: Equestrian
- Worst performance: Basketball
- Free time activity: Reading/Cooking
- Favorite quote: You miss 100% of the shots you do not take (Wayne Gretzky)