First Name: Barbara
Last Name: Hauser
Member Since: May 2020
City: Edinburgh
Institution: University of Edinburgh


Barbara Hauser studied medicine at the Medical University of Vienna (Austria) and started her postgraduate training in Southwest England in 2005.

She embarked on osteoporosis research in Professor Ralston’s lab in Edinburgh (UK) where she completed her PhD on “Mechanism of bone loss in rheumatic diseases” in May 2016. She published papers on risk prediction of osteoporosis in rheumatoid arthritis and the role of auto-antibodies in the development of bone loss.

Barbara is currently working at the Rheumatic Disease Unit in Edinburgh as Consultant Rheumatologist with a specialist interest in osteoporosis and metabolic bone disease.

In April 2019 she was rewarded the National Research Scotland fellowship. She participates actively in clinical research as principal and co-investigator in phase 3 studies and observational trials on Paget’s disease of bone, osteoporosis and rheumatoid arthritis.

She is a Honorary Senior Lecturer at the University of Edinburgh and continues to work as investigator in the Bone Disease Unit.
Her research interest are fracture risk prediction models and the clinical aspects of osteoimmunology.


- Favorite Cell: Osteoclast
- Favorite Protein: Osteoprotegerin
- Best technical skill: Clinical data analysis
- Best knowledge: Bone loss in rheumatoid arthritis
- Hated technique: Western blot
- Research goal: To personalize osteoporosis treatment for patients with rheumatic diseases
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- Favorite dish: Marillenknödel
- Favorite place to live: Southtyrol in winter and Scotland in summer
- Best sport skill: Mountaineering
- Worst performance: Ballroom dancing
- Free time activity: Hiking & Music
- Favorite quote: ‘No need to hurry. No need to sparkle. No need to be anybody but oneself.‘ (Virginia Woolf)