Academic Title: Versus Arthritis Early Career Research Fellow
First Name: Carmen
Last Name: Huesa
Member Since: 2016 (Founding member)
City: Glasgow


I started my post-doc as a bone biologist at the Roslin Institute, University of Edinburgh, where I worked on PHOSPHO1, the second most important player in bone minerailsation. The research lead to an interesting study on the role of bone phosphatases in obesity and diabetes.
At the University of the West of Scotland I investigated the role of bone in osteoarthritis in a highly interdisciplinary group, investigating the role of PAR2 in Osteoarthirtis as part of an Arthritis Research UK programme grant.
After a shot period of research in prostate cancer bone metastasis, concentrating on the role of osteoblasts and MSCs in turmour growth and resistance, I am now back at the University of Glasgow.
In 2020 I was awarded the Versus Arthritis Early Career research award to investigate the possibility of using PAR2 as a target in osteoarthritic pain.

During my career I have developed expertise in the use of microCT, not only to analyse bone trabecular and cortical architecture, but also quantification of other aspects of mineralised tissue such as arterial calcifications, subchondral bone sclerosis and osteophyte formation.


  • 01/06/2020Versus Arthritis Early Career Research Award

List of 5 Best Publications


- Areas Of Expertise: Mineralisation, Molecular Biology, and Osteoarthritis
- Favorite statistical software: Graphpad Prism
- Favorite research database: GEO
- Favorite technique: qPCR
- Favorite Cell: Osteocyte
- Favorite Protein: Proteinase activated receptor 2 (PAR2)
- Best technical skill: MicroCT
- Best knowledge: In vitro mechanostimulation.
- Hated technique: Histology
- Research goal: Find new targets to ameliorate musculoskeletal pain
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- Favorite dish: Sushi
- Favorite place to live: Wherever I lay my hat.
- Best sport skill: Football
- Worst performance: That jump off-piste that resulted in the pins in my knee.
- Free time activity: Brazilian jiu jitsu
- Favorite quote: Talent is God given. Be humble. Fame is man-given. Be grateful. Conceit is self-given. Be careful. (John Wooden)