First Name: Mattia
Last Name: Capulli
Academic Degree: 2016
City: L’Aquila, Italy


I am Assistant Professor of Histology at the University of L’Aquila, Italy. I entered in the bone research field in 2006, when I started my PhD student course under the supervision of Prof. Anna Teti.  In this period I also became a member of ECTS. The mentorship of Anna Teti, and my active participation to ECTS activities, convinced me that science in general, and bone research in particular could be my future.

I am co-author of several peer-reviewed articles that reflect my research interest in different aspects of the bone patho-physiology. I am interested in studying the mechanisms of pathogenesis, in both common bone diseases such as osteoporosis or breast cancer induced bone metastases, and also rare genetic bone diseases such as the autosomal dominant type 2 osteopetrosis (ADO2).

I also collaborated in several studies focused on pre-clinical testing of new treatments; and recently I have been co-inventor of an internationally patented treatment for the  ADO2. I acquired expertise in bone cell biology, mouse bone phenotyping, gene profiling analysis and elaboration of big-data.

In 2012 I worked as Visiting Research Fellow in the laboratories of Prof. Kousteni and Prof. Karsenty at Columbia University Medical Center, New York, US, where I acquired hands-on expertise on the generation and use of genetically modified animal models and on the techniques to investigate the bone and energy metabolism cross-talk.

List of 5 Best Publications

  • Notch2 pathway mediates breast cancer cellular dormancy and mobilisation in bone and contributes to haematopoietic stem cell mimicry.Capulli M, Hristova D, Valbret Z, Carys K, Arjan R, Maurizi A, Masedu F, Cappariello A, Rucci N, Teti A.
  • Extra-skeletal manifestations in mice affected by Clcn7-dependent autosomal dominant osteopetrosis type 2 clinical and therapeutic implications.Maurizi A, Capulli M, Curle A, Patel R, Ucci A, Côrtes JA, Oxford H, Lamandé SR, Bateman JF, Rucci N, Teti A.
  • Osteoblasts Regulate Angiogenesis in Response to Mechanical Unloading.Veeriah V, Paone R, Chatterjee S, Teti A, Capulli M.
  • Interleukin-1β, lipocalin 2 and nitric oxide synthase 2 are mechano-responsive mediators of mouse and human endothelial cell-osteoblast crosstalk.Veeriah V, Zanniti A, Paone R, Chatterjee S, Rucci N, Teti A, Capulli M.
  • Effective Small Interfering RNA Therapy to Treat CLCN7-dependent Autosomal Dominant Osteopetrosis Type 2.Capulli M, Maurizi A, Ventura L, Rucci N, Teti A.


- Areas Of Expertise: Osteoporosis, Rare Bone Diseases, and Bone and Cancer
- Favorite Cell: Osteoblasts
- Favorite Protein: Cytokines
- Best technical skill: Morphological analyses
- Best knowledge: Bone metastases
- Hated technique: Western blot
- Research goal: Understanding molecular signaling pathways regulating bone physiology and their deregulation in pathological conditions
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- Favorite dish: grandma’s pasta
- Favorite place to live: Italy
- Best sport skill: motorbiking
- Worst performance: playing football
- Favorite quote: If a man knows not to which port he sails, no wind is favourable. Seneca