First Name: Nicola
Last Name: Napoli
Member Since: 2016 (Founding member)
City: Rome


Dr Napoli received his medical degree in 2000 and completed his clinical fellowship and PhD in Metabolic Diseases  at Washington University in St Louis.

He is Assistant Professor of Endocrinology at University Campus Bio-Medico of Rome and Adjunct Assistant Professor of Medicine at Washington University in St Louis. His research is funded by national and international institutions.

At  the moment his group is mostly engaged on analyzing the effect of WNT pathway, inflammation, sarcopenia on bone strength in obesity and Type 2 diabetes using both human and animal models.

He is also interested on the effect of lifestyle intervention and antidiabetic medications  on memory, frailty and bone fragility in diabetic patients. His research interests cover also the study of predictors and risk factors for fragility fractures in large population cohorts and their treatment through new anti-osteoporotic treatment.

He serves on the Editorial Board of JBMR, Osteoporosis International , in the Committee of Scientific Advisors of the International Osteoporosis Foundation, in the Bone academy of the ECTS. He chairs the Membership Engagement and Education Committee of the American Society of Bone and Mineral Research (ASBMR).

He has received several research awards by ASBMR, different National Institutions and he is the 2016 recipient of the Ian T Boyle award from ECTS

List of 5 Best Publications


- Favorite Protein: Estrogen
- Best technical skill: Genetics/bone biopsies
- Best knowledge: genetics, histomorphometry, clinical investigation, data analysis
- Research goal: glucose/bone interplay. Predictors of bone fragility. Treatment and fracture prevention
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- Favorite dish: fish in all possible ways
- Favorite place to live: Sicily
- Best sport skill: eating
- Worst performance: running
- Free time activity: to collect and watch d’essai movies, Photography, contemporary art exhibitions, reading, cooking
- Favorite quote: nothing is written unless you write it