First Name: Ning
Last Name: Wang
Member Since: May 2019
City: Sheffield
Institution: The University of Sheffield, Department of Oncology & Metabolism


Dr Ning Wang is a Research Fellow since 2017 in the Department of Oncology & Metabolism, The University of Sheffield, UK.

His current main research interests focus on defining impact of exercise on the initiation and progression of cancer skeletal metastasis using pre-clinical models. He is also interested in characterizing metastasis initiating cells and investigating interactions between these cells and bone microenvironment.

Dr Wang undertook his undergraduate (BSc) and postgraduate (MRes) training in biology at Ocean University of China. After moved to the UK in 2004, he studied the trend of Biotech-industry development at Loughborough University and gained his MSc in Management the following year. He then joined Prof Alison Gartland’s group in Sheffield and was awarded his PhD in 2010 for his contribution in investigating the roles of purinergic signalling in osteoporosis. Dr Wang was subsequently appointed as a Post-doctoral Research Associate in Dr Colby Eaton’s lab to develop the models used in the identification of dormant metastasis initiating tumour cells. He was then employed as a Senior Post-doctoral Research Associate in Professor Tim Skerry’s group in 2014 and worked on the Wellcome Trust sponsored programme in the development of novel agents for treating pancreatic cancer.


- Favorite Cell: Osteoblasts
- Favorite Protein: CXCR4
- Best technical skill: Multiphoton
- Best knowledge: In vivo models
- Hated technique: Multiphoton
- Research goal: To better understand the benefits of exercise in preventing cancer bone metastases
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- Favorite dish: Sea food
- Favorite place to live: Where family is
- Best sport skill: Basketball
- Worst performance: Dancing
- Free time activity: Building models, traveling, photography
- Favorite quote: ‘Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.’ (Henry Ford)