Academic Title: PhD in Genetics and Molecular Evolution (2007), Specialty in Applied Genetics (2003)
First Name: Vito
Last Name: Guarnieri
Academic Degree: Biological Science (2000)
Member Since: May 2016
City: San Giovanni Rotondo
Institution: IRCCS Casa Sollievo della Sofferenza Hospital, Division of Medical Genetics


Vito Guarnieri got the specialty in Applied Genetics at the University Sapienza in Rome in 2003 and the PhD in Genetics and Molecular Evolution at the University of Bari in 2007. In 2008 - 2009 he moved as Visitor Scholar at the McGill University/Royal Victoria Hospital in Montreal at the Calcium Research Laboratory.

Currently, he is a geneticist at the Medical Genetics Service of the Scientific Institute CSS in San Giovanni Rotondo, South Italy, where he is responsible for molecular diagnosis of calcium dismetabolism genetic diseases, with particular interest on Primary Hyperparathyroidism and associated endophenotypes (FHH, NSHPT, HPT-JT, MEN1, MEN2A, MEN4). In addition, he is currently working on phosphate dismetabolism with molecular diagnosis of hypophosphatasia and tumoral calcinosis.

In 2012 he got a Young Investigator Research Grant from the Italian Ministry of Health: the project focused on the search for biomarkers of aggressive parathyroid malignancies, by through a multifaceted approach of whole exome sequencing, gene expression profiling and proteome analysis on rare families with Hyperparathyroidism with Jaw-Tumours syndrome (CDC73 gene)

He is responsible of the molecular diagnosis of genetic diseases related to calcium metabolism disorders (pHPT, HPT-JT, FHH, MEN1/2/4, FIHP) and joint laxity and hypermobility sindromes (Elhers-Danlos type), by a targeted resequencing approach with a panel of 70 selected genes.



  • FAMILIA: FAmily-based MuLti-Integrated Approach for the identification of a non-redundant set of parathyroid cancer biomarkers

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- Year Of Promotion: test
- Areas Of Expertise: Genetics, Molecular Biology, and Rare Bone Diseases
- Favorite Cell: Parathyroid cell lines
- Favorite Protein: CDC73
- Best technical skill: western blot
- Best knowledge: I still have too much to learn
- Hated technique: Elisa
- Research goal: To identify predictive biomarkers useful for a first diagnosis of a malignant parathyroid neoplasm
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- Favorite dish: rice salad
- Favorite place to live: in front of the sea
- Best sport skill: swimming
- Worst performance: please, find the list in attachment...
- Free time activity: playing with my kids
- Favorite quote: If we knew what it was we were doing, it would not be called research, would it? (A. Einstein)